Sunday, July 24, 2016


We did not have the best of all starts in Barcelona. We had arrived late at night after being in the magestic capital of Spain, Madrid, and Barcelona greeted us with dodgy streets and an apartment which had seen better days. But the next morning, everything looked different. 

Barcelona is a city which is impossible not to like. There is something for everyone: beaches for sunbathing and swimming, fantastic museums (e.g. the Picasso Museum) and architecture, colorful markets and a lively night scene. The artist who has shaped Barcelona possibly most was Gaudí. Not only did he design Park Güell, one of the most popular tourist attractions, but also The Sagrada Familia and many other buildings which can be found all over the city. After having walked for hours in the small streets of the historic center, eating fresh seafood and orxata flavored ice-cream, getting inevitably sunburnt and having danced to the sounds of a 90s cover band, I can confidently say: This surely hasn't been my last time in Barcelona! 


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